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Blood results at your finger tips
The Q.E. is part of "Renal Patient View" which allows you to view your blood results and transplant list status "on line". The system is supported by the Department of Health and is a secure web site and can only be accessed by you for your results. If you would like to take up this facility, the forms are at clinics or contact the K.P.A..
It is a very useful addition to the service as your blood results are available about 36 hours after your blood tests. There is also a full explanation as to their meaning. It has an added advantage that should you be away from home and need to see a doctor, you can access your latest results for them to see.
You can see what it is like by going to www.renalpatientview.org and have a look at the demonstration.
If you go to the "links" on the home page you will find a direct link to the web page.

Contact the Clinic for the forms.
General Information
You will find information about your condition under 'Patient Info'.
There is information about healthy eating under 'Dietary Info'.
We will be having more general information from the Consultants in the near future.
If there is an area you would like more information on please let the K.P.A. know and we will try to include it.