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Regarding the industrial action being taken by The Royal College of Nursing
Also by West Midland Ambulance Service

A statement is on December News Letter

New edition News Letter KidneyMatters December 2022 --- News Letters Page.

The Vaccines are safe for all Renal Patients

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New Video for young Patients transferring from
The Children Hospital to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Go To:- "Patient Info" and click "Young Person Info"

There is a new set of 5 videos to help patients making a choice about types of Peritoneal Dialysis

Please go to "TREATMENTS" to view them.

Letter from the Chairman --- See News Page

New ideas for healthy eating --- Dietary Info Page.

New pages on www.kidneymatters.co.uk Please take a look

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Local News

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT about Industrial Action
Regarding the Industrial Action being taken by The Royal College of Nursing This Statement is from Dr. Stephanie Stringer at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham for Renal Patients treated at all their Dialysis Units.

We appreciate that patients may be concerned about the impact of the forthcoming industrial action by the Royal College of Nursing on their haemodialysis treatment. We want to reassure our patients that they will not be affected by this because nurses working at NHS run units are not able to take part in the industrial action because haemodialysis is a lifesaving treatment and nurses working at private provider units (at UHB these are Smethwick, Great Bridge, Aston, Kings Norton, Redditch, Hereford, Woodgate Valley, Sparkhill, Worcester and Llandrindod Wells) are not taking part in the strike at all because they are not NHS staff.

Dr. Stephanie Stringer
Renal Consultant Nephrologist
Clinical Lead for Haemodialysis

Festive Food and Drink for Parties
Do not forget to look on the Dietary information for details of
Festive Foods and Drinks.
There is also a Christmas Cake recipe for those on dialysis.
All the information is provided by
The Renal Dietitians at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Renal Patient Information from the Q.E.
If you go to the section "patient information" you will find a list of patient information leaflets.
These have been produced by the Hospital they are free to download or you can obtain copies of them from the renal unit.
We hope you find them useful.
All the information is produced by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Renal Department.

Daily update 11 December 2023
According to research, 3D eye scans can provide vital information about kidney health and help track disease progression.
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More than 70 kidney transplants were performed every day in the United States last year. Rachel Watson wanted to be one of the donors, ...
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Renal plasmacytoma is a rare extramedullary manifestation of plasma cell neoplasms (PCN). We present the case of a 62-year-old male with a history ...
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In this three-month long investigation, Daily Trust on Sunday went undercover to expose a shadow economy of illegal kidney trade in Nigeria's ...
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Cloudy pee. If your pee is cloudy then this can also indicate dehydration or a urinary tract infection (UTIs), chronic disease or kidney conditions.
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Matt Cavanaugh is seeking to bring to light the amazing things the human body can do after donating a kidney to save someone else's life.
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Woman in Tainan drank sugary teas and juices rather than water for hydration | 2023-12-10 20:31:00.
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Background: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is defined as abnormalities of kidney structure and/or function persisting for a minimum of three months.
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... kidney stone and size of the stone in kidney. (sic)”. Fact Check. NewsMeter found that the claim is false. “No, there are several reasons why stones ...
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Andy Bryant donated his kidney to his old mate Conal Beban, and they're now promoting organ donations.
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