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Information about Corona Virus
Corona Virus.

The Vaccines are safe for all Renal Patients.

At present in the UK – there are 2 vaccines that have been approved by the MRHA and are available –

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

Three key points that we would like to state are;-

• Both these vaccines are suitable for all kidney patients – neither of the vaccines are live, as has been incorrectly reported in some areas of the press and social media. If you are in any doubt - always seek the advice of your kidney / renal team (or GP).

• The vaccines have been recommended by national experts who are professionally medically trained. These include experts from within our own kidney / renal community.

• Both of these vaccines are safe. They have undergone several stringent tests which have been taken on many thousands of people. The risks to kidney patients of getting COVID far outweigh the risks of any possible side effects of either vaccine.

Sadly there appears to be many patients in the UK at present who have been misinformed on the vaccines for COVID

If you are in any doubt please contact your G.P., Your Renal Department or your Manager at your Dialysis unit.

More information will follow as soon as we are informed.

Please click on the line below for more information

Important information about Corona Virus.  ( CLICK HERE)

GP Services

Gov information for the vulnerable

Urgent changes to local NHS services due to Covid 19

Letter to all Patients

Message from the Renal Department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

In the Department of Renal Medicine at UHB, we are reviewing and adjusting the way we work in line with the Trust's strategy.

If you are due to attend an outpatient appointment with us in the coming weeks, you may find that we arrange to speak to you by phone rather than seeing you in person.

We will ask some people to have a blood test without waiting to see a doctor and some appointments will be deferred where we have verified that this is appropriate for you.

We will keep you informed if we make changes to your appointment.

Please ensure that the hospital has your up-to-date contact details including mobile phone number.

This is a letter from the Renal Department at the Q.E. Please click below to read.
Letter to Dialysis Patients


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