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Hints for BBQ's for patients on a renal diet
As a renal patient, you may feel that you cannot enjoy your food and often do not know what you can and can not have. If you like to have a no fuss barbeque you can always buy the usual sausages, beef burgers, chicken portions or lamb/pork chops. If you want to be a bit more adventurous please contact your Dietitian who will give you a copy of the recipe book.
As the potassium content of the dishes may be higher than usual we recommend you avoid potatoes and have rice, pasta, bread (such as pita bread, French stick, tortillas, ciabatta) instead.
Your intake of salt can also be increased at barbeques due to sauces, dressings and any additional salt added to the food, this will make you thirsty and will increase the chance of drinking too much. If it is your barbeque - ensure you do not add salt to things like rice and pasta and make sure you do not add any to your food. If you are the guest then avoid adding salt to your food and limit the sauces you have.
Remember your phosphate binders, as your intake of meat/fish/chicken tends to be higher at barbeques.

Be careful of your fluid intake, take sips to make it last, use ice cubes, avoid excess salt.